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Git Updater Additions

A now included in Git Updater v12.0.0 that allows for adding installed plugins or themes hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Gitea that do not contain required headers to Git Updater.


This is a feature that will add the appropriate data via hooks in Git Updater so that repositories that are not correctly configured to use Git Updater may be added to Git Updater without modifying the repository. This only works for installed plugins/themes.

This plugin adds an Additions tab inside the Git Updater Settings for updating settings to this plugin.


The "type" element is from the following list.

  • github_plugin
  • github_theme
  • bitbucket_plugin
  • bitbucket_theme
  • gitlab_plugin
  • gitlab_theme
  • gitea_plugin
  • gitea_theme

The "slug" element is either the plugin slug or the theme stylesheet slug.

The "uri" element should be self-explanatory.

The "primary branch" element if the repository’s primary branch is not `master`.

The "release_asset" element if the repository has a build process and is distibuted via a release asset.


type: github_plugin
slug: plugin-noheader/plugin-noheader.php
uri: https://github.com/afragen/plugin-noheader


type: bitbucket_theme
slug: theme-noheader
uri: https://bitbucket.org/afragen/theme-noheader

Above are examples for a plugin or a theme. Please notice the difference in the slug.


PRs are welcome against the develop branch.

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