Hey! Welcome to the Git Updater plugin.

This is a major update. This update reincorporates all functionality into the Git Updater plugin and splits out the API components into individual API plugins. There is a 14-day free trial and a 30-day no questions asked, money back guarantee. Users should have full function of Git Updater without a license for a month from installation.

Git Updater PRO and Git Updater Additions have been incorporated into the main Git Updater plugin. As such, both of these plugins, Git Updater PRO and Git Updater Additions, have been deprecated. If you previously used and purchased a license for either of thank you. Please keep Git Updater up to date and you will have full functionality for a very reasonable licensing fee.

Subscription – $19.95/yr

  • Core features
  • Private repositories
  • Authenticated API requests

Once installed and activated on your site, go to the Add-Ons tab to install any additional API plugins that you may require.

Please create an issue on GitHub or in the Git Updater Slack if you have any questions not addressed in the Knowledge Base.

PRs to Git Updater will be happily reviewed.