Hey y’all! My name is Andy Fragen and I’ve been developing GitHub Updater, and now Git Updater, since 2013.

As some of you may already know, programming isn’t my usual gig. I am a full time Trauma/Acute Care Surgeon in Southern California. Really!

Programming is a great creative outlet. As the Git Updater family of products has grown more developers are using it in their workflow and support requests are increasing. I made a decision to rebrand and monetize it. I did not make this decision lightly. I appreciate all my users.

I like to think that my pricing is both fair and reasonable.

At this time I prefer support requests via the Git Updater Slack. Click here for an invite. If you find an error in the code please create an issue on GitHub. Please search the issues to confirm that your issue hasn’t already been answered. This process helps me support you better as I’m mostly mobile.

You can find me via any of links in the footer.