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Branch Switching

Branch Switching via WordPress Admin

In the Git Updater Settings there is a setting to enable branch switching for plugins and themes. When checked there will be a new ability from the Plugins and Themes pages to switch between branches.

The branch switching option is displayed on the page where plugin/theme activation, deactivation, and/or deletion options are displayed.

Switching to the current branch will re-install the current branch.

Git Updater gets it current branch information from one of two methods, a branch switch or an install.

Git Updater will use the specified branch for updates and version checks. Git Updater ignores tags unless the source branch is master. For example, branch develop will always use the HEAD of develop. Tags will be ignored even if they are present because the branch is not master.

The default state is master.

New repositories in GitHub and elsewhere may be set to main. If this is the case you will need to add the header Primary Branch: main to your plugin or theme so they will get the correct API response.

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