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Local Development now includes the function to denote the git host’s icon in the plugin or theme row meta.

You can use the Git Updater Additions plugin to add plugins or themes that don’t contain the proper headers via a JSON file. They can then be updated with Git Updater.


This plugin’s theme updater class was originally based upon Whitelabel Framework’s updater-plugin.php, which was based upon https://github.com/UCF/Theme-Updater.

The plugin updater class was originally based upon codepress/github-plugin-updater.



See CHANGES.md. In your project create a CHANGES.md or CHANGELOG.md file.


Please log issues on the GitHub at https://github.com/afragen/git-updater/issues

If you are using a WordPress Multisite installation, the plugin should be network activated.

When first downloading and installing a plugin from GitHub you might have to do the following, otherwise the next update may not be able to cleanup after itself and re-activate the updated plugin or theme. Or you can just use the remote install feature and this will be done for you. 😉

  1. Unzip the archive.
  2. Fix the folder name to remove to extra stuff GitHub adds to the download, like -master.
  3. Copy the folder to your plugins directory or re-zip folder and add from plugins page.

Pull Requests

Pull requests are welcome. Please fork and submit pull requests against the develop branch.

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