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WP-CLI Installation & Activation of Git Updater PRO

Peter Wise of Square Candy Design has created a bash script and plugin combination to install and activate Git Updater PRO. This works most effectively when you have multiple sites on the same server.

The first part of the bash script updates from GitHub Updater 9.x to Git Updater 10.x. Then the installation of the Git Updater PRO plugin with license key activation completes. Obviously if you already have Git Updater 10.x installed and activated you should comment out parts about removing GitHub Updater and installing Git Updater.

The referenced shortcut is gup_fs. The bash script above sets this for you. If only using the Freemius Auto Activation plugin, you will need to add them directly to your wp-config.php file as follows.

// freemius activation
define( 'FS_SHORTCODES', array( 'gup_fs' ) );
define( 'WP__GUP_FS__LICENSE_KEY', '<your_license_key_here>' );

Please refer to any and all instructions in the code. This code is provided as is, as examples, and are not supported by Git Updater, LLC.

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