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This plugin is not allowed in the repo. 😔

Hosting Plugin in Directory

If you develop your plugin or theme on GitHub and it also resides in the repo, the plugin or theme will preferentially pull updates from if branch is master or the Primary Branch. If the current branch is anything other than master then the update will pull from GitHub or other git server.

This presumes that the repository slug and the slug are identical.

The same applies for Bitbucket, GitLab or other git server hosted plugins.

Overriding Directory Updates

Rarely there is a plugin or theme on the directory that has an identical slug to a plugin or theme you are developing. Under normal circumstances if the version number of the plugin on is higher; Git Updater will update from the higher version number. This will cause your plugin or theme to be overwritten by the plugin or theme on

There’s a filter hook to set which plugins or themes should override for updating. This filter hook mitigates that potential conflict.

The filter hook gu_override_dot_org provides a method of returning an array of plugin/theme data to override dot org. It should return an array.

	function( $overrides ) {
		return array_merge(
				'the-events-calendar-category-colors/the-events-calendar-category-colors.php', // plugin format
				'my-popular-theme', // theme slug

If you are running WP 5.8 or later you may add the Update URI header to avoid seeing updates from

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