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Updating from GitHub Updater to Git Updater

If you are an existing user of GitHub Updater welcome! There are a few issues you might experience.

Updating the core plugin

  • The Git Updater plugin has a new file structure. You may see errors that the plugin has been deactivated because it no longer exists. The plugin is present, you just need to reactivate it. This might occur twice. Please let the plugin handle the renaming process. You will only need to do this to completion once.
  • If you have the the plugin running via the ghu-loader.php plugin, you should go to the dashboard, complete the update process as above and then create a new symlink to the mu-plugins directory with the new git-updater/mu/gu-loader.php file.

Adding API Plugins

  • If you have repositories that are hosted on Bitbucket, GitLab, Gitea, or GitHub Gists, you will need to install the appropriate API plugin.
  • These plugins have a one-click installer in the Add-Ons tab.
  • All the API plugins are free OSS.
  • Each of the API plugins cleans up its settings upon deactivation. This means that you will need to re-enter any access tokens when the API plugin is activated.

Missing API Tabs

  • This is often an issue with WP-Cron not completing or having an issue. From the Settings, check the Bypass WP-Cron option. You should uncheck this option once it’s working.
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