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Git Updater PRO retiring

I have decided to retire Git Updater PRO by reincorporating all of its functionality back into Git Updater. What this means to you is that simply keep the Git Updater plugin up to date. As of Git Updater v12.0.0 all of the PRO functions are now in core.

Additionally, the function from the Git Updater Additions plugin has been incorporated.

Subscription for authenticated API requests now only costs ~20/year for an unlimited number of sites.

There is a new monetization method. Git Updater now charges a yearly license fee for authenticated API requests of ~$20/year for an unlimited number of sites. I think, overall, this is much better for most people and I hope that everyone who uses Git Updater will subscribe. There is an initial 14-trial period and a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you don’t want to pay the license fee, Git Updater will still continue to function but will be limited to unauthenticated API requests and all that that means.

Some of you may have noticed that I deactivated your subscription to Git Updater PRO. I did not want anyone to inadvertently get charged again. The license is valid, though Git Updater PRO will be automatically deactivated once Git Updater v12.0.0 is active.

If you have any other questions about your Git Updater PRO license, please email.

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