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Git Remote Updater


Allows you to easily update Git Updater repositories in bulk via REST API endpoint updating.

The Git Remote Updater page allows updating via repository or site.


Requires Git Updater v12.0.0 or higher on the sites you use with Git Remote Updater.

You can obtain the needed data from your Git Updater > Remote Management tab and then copy it into the Settings > Add Site form. You will only need to update data if your REST API key changes.

Update feedback will show at the top of the page. If you have debug logging set on your site, it is also added to the debug.log.

I recommend running Git Remote Updater from a local development environment installation of WordPress, though you can run it from any WordPress site.


By using the Site URL and the REST API key you can add sites to the Settings page.

Once you have site data added, the Update page will present options for you to update repositories.

You can update individual repositories across all the sites the repositories exist on.

Or you can update all the repositories on an individual site all at once.

The update process will continue until it succeeds. Feedback is presented at the top of the page when the process has completed. Feedback will also be added the the site’s debug.log, if debug logging is set for the site.

If there is a timeout error in the update process, Git Remote Upater will continue to attempt updating until it succeeds.

Other errors will not attempt to retry the update an will display the appropriate error.

Any site that is unreachable will not display any repository data in the Update page.

Filters and Hooks

If you have specific repositories that you wish to exclude you can add them using the filter hook as follows.

    function() {
        return [ 'caldera-forms', 'github-updater' ];

If you wish to modify the transient timeout for repo data; return the number of seconds, as an integer, to the following filter. Default is 600 seconds. Less is better for testing.

    function() {
        return 5;

PRs are welcome against the develop branch.

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