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Freemius Clone Resolution

As of Freemius SDK 2.5.0, Freemius has an automatic clone detection system. What can happen is if you have 2 or more versions of the same site, like staging and production, you may see a notice like the following.

Clone resolution modal

You can click a button or place some code in your wp-config.php or functions.php file.

// A temporary duplication for the purpose of testing, staging, or development.
define( 'FS__RESOLVE_CLONE_AS', 'temporary_duplicate' );
// The new site is replacing the old one – this will migrate the license activation to the new site to resolve the clone.
define( 'FS__RESOLVE_CLONE_AS', 'new_home' );
// The cloned site is a new and different one – this will auto activate the license on the new site to resolve the clone.
define( 'FS__RESOLVE_CLONE_AS', 'long_term_duplicate' );
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